Certainteed Landmark Solaris Gold Shingle Price

The Landmark Solaris Gold shingle reflects 40% of sun rays to reduce your roof’s temperature and keep your home cooler in hot weather. Less heat will penetrate into your home, and your cooling bills will be lower throughout the warm months. This is a well-built shingle backed by one of the best warranty packages in the industry.

This Certainteed Landmark Solaris Gold shingle price post gives you the cost of these shingles and much more. We details its top features to help you decide if it’s a good value for your home. See all our asphalt shingle price posts for similar shingles you might want to compare head to head with this one.

Top Features of the Certainteed Landmark Solaris Gold Shingle

The leading feature of this model is the solar reflective ceramic granular coating that will keep your roof 20% cooler on sunny days. This is an ideal shingle for sunny climates of the Southwest, West and other fair climates. It’s Energy Star rated and also certified by the Cool Roof Rating Council. This is a green building product that will reduce energy use while making a difference on your utility bill.

Beneath the reflective surface, this is a high-quality asphalt shingle. It’s made from two distinct layers of asphalt-saturated heavy-duty fiberglass mesh. The result is an architectural shingle with an interesting profile and one that is resistant to wind and all types of weather.

Certainteed backs its Landmark Solaris Gold shingles with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, including 10 years of 100% coverage. Add to that a 15-year warranty against streaking from algae growth and a 15-year 110 MPH wind-resistance warranty that can be upgraded to 130 MPH with enhanced installation.

While this product isn’t available in a wide range of colors, they are good looking. Find it in these Certainteed Max Def colors: Burnt Sienna, Heather Blend, Resawn Shake, Stonegate Gray and Weathered Wood.

Certainteed Landmark Solaris Gold Shingle Price

Certainteed has one of the top reputations in the roofing industry. Its products wear very well, but you pay a bit more for them. The Landmark Solaris Gold shingle price from most retailers is $160-$190 per square.

Is the Landmark Solaris Gold Shingle Worth the Cost?

This shingle makes sense if you live in a climate with a high percentage of sunny day and you plan to live in your current house for at least 10 years. You’ll get your money’s worth from them in that period of time. For high quality and potential savings on your seasonal cooling bills, the Landmark Solaris Gold shingles from Certainteed are definitely worth considering.

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