Menards Castlebrook Laminated Architectural Shingle Rating


The Castlebrook Laminated Architectural is an affordable architectural shingle in 6 colors. It’s built from 2 layers of fused material and should provide 15-25 years of reliable, attractive protection for your home. It is manufactured by Atlas exclusively for Menards.

This Menards Castlebrook Laminated Architectural shingle rating evaluates this roofing product in all the major categories. Our goal with all our asphalt shingle ratings is to allow you to research products from all the major manufacturers without leaving this site. We cover virtually every shingle brand and series currently produced, and we include asphalt shingle prices, so you’ve got all the information.

Durability Rating

This is a 35-year shingle, meaning it’s warrantied against defects for 35 years. In very sunny, hot climates, expect 15-20 years of life from these. In cooler, cloudier regions, they might look good for 25 years and possibly longer. That’s about average for shingles with 30-35 year warranties. The key to getting the best wear from them is to have them installed by a professional with good experience. Your best bet is to get multiple estimates for the lowest price and to find a roofer with expertise.

Features Rating

This shingle is constructed very well. The 2 fiberglass layers are encased in top-grade roofing asphalt. The shingle is tear-resistant and hold up to wind pretty well.

Appearance Rating

Atlas gives the Castlebrook Laminated architectural shingle a random-cut appearance that resembles natural wood shakes. Each one shows good profile, producing a shadow-effect on the roof that gives it more depth. This Menard’s roofing product is available in 6 colors from most stores: Hearthstone Gray, Weathered Wood, Burnt Sienna, Heatherblend, Pewter and Antique Black.

Value Rating

This product comes with a very competitive price. The Menards Castlebrook Laminated shingle price is $81 per roofing square which is 100 square feet. Sold in bundles for about $21, there are 3 bundles per square.

Overall Castlebrook Laminated Architectural Shingle Rating

The best thing about the Castlebrook Laminated Architectural shingle is that it offers a good-quality and attractive shingle at a reasonable price. This might not be the last shingle you ever need, but it will keep looking good for quite some time. They’re a good choice if you plan to stay in your home for a long time or if you want to reroof it with an attractive architectural shingle to upgrade its curb appeal before you put it on the market.

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