Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingle Price


The Atlas Pinnacle Pristine is an architectural shingle with Scotchgard protection against staining. It’s wind-resistant and made in more than 10 attractive colors. Menards carries this roofing product and it is also available from local roofing contractors in most areas. Several solid warranties cover this shingle, including a lifetime limited warranty.

This Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingle price quote provides you with accurate, current pricing along with the key features of this product. You’ll have all the data you need to make an informed decision about this roofing material for your home.

Top Features of the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingle

This is a laminated shingle made from 2 layers of tough fiberglass mat. The mat is covered with roofing-grade asphalt and each shingle is topped with unique ceramic granules supplied by the 3M Company. Each granule contains mineral surround with copper and coated with ceramic. The result is a resistance to the growth of algae. This product has a lifetime limited anti-algae warranty, the best in the industry.

The lifetime limited warranty begins with 15 years of 100% protection before it is prorated. That’s about standard for top of the line architectural shingles. The wind warranty protects the consumer by covering the shingle for winds up to 130 MPH when the product is properly installed. It’s important to have a professional roofer do the job, in order to make sure you’re fully protected by all the warranties.

This is a very handsome shingle. The top layer features random cuts to simulate the look of wood shakes. When installed, you aren’t able to tell where one shingle ends and the next begins. Here are some of the most popular shingle colors for the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine: Black, Desert, Dove, Green, Oyster, Hickory, Heather, Heatherstone, Tan and Weathered Shadow.

Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingle Price

The Atlas Pinnacle Pristine laminated shingle cost is $138-$150 per square, or 100 square feet of roofing material. Some roofers can get good discounts, so getting competitive estimates will save you money on the materials as well as the labor.

Is the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingle Worth the Cost?

This is a fairly expensive shingle, but it offers top of the line durability. If you plan to live in your current home less than 5-7 years, this is probably not a cost-effective choice since you won’t get your money back out at the sale. You’ll do better with a more affordable architectural shingle.

However, if you intend to live in your home long-term, especially in areas with a damp climate – the type where algae can be an issue – the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine laminated shingle is one of the top shingles available.

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