GAF Marquis WeatherMax 3-Tab Asphalt Shingle Rating

The Marquis WeatherMax is a traditional 3-tab shingle available in 4 different colors.  With a base of fiberglass and asphalt, it’s a tough and durable shingle with a 30-year warranty. It’s a reliable all weather roof for any climate, standing up to sun as well as it does to snow and ice, also demonstrating outstanding resistance to high winds.

This GAF Marquis WeatherMax shingle review gives you data you can use to make an informed decision about this product. If you know how to replace roof shingles and are comfortable doing the work, we’ll give you a price for materials below.

Durability Rating

The 30-year warranty guards against defects in manufacturing but not against normal wear and tear. You can expect these shingles to look very good for 15-25 years, depending on weather conditions in your area. GAF states that this shingle passed ASTM wind tests of 110 and 150 MPH, though the wind warranty is only for 80 MPH.

Features Rating

The fiberglass mesh base is very tough, and when embedded with asphalt produces a weather-resistant, reliable source of protection for your home. With a standard 3-tab design, it is easy to install.

The shingles are 12”W x 36”L with 5” exposure. Each one has GAF’s Dura Grip adhesive seal to keep shingles together better, so they’re less likely to be damaged by high winds.

Appearance Rating

This is an attractive shingle, but not more than most. GAF uses their patented Color Lock ceramic firing system that is similar to the process used with fine china. The result is ceramic granules that are resistant to fading.

GAF offers this product in just 4 colors: Weathered Gray, Golden Cedar, Charcoal and Autumn Brown. See our list of asphalt shingle reviews for similar 3-tab shingles that are offered in a greater variety of colors. One example is the Certainteed XT 30 IR shingles.

Value Rating

The GAF Marquis WeatherMax 3-tab shingle cost is $29-$35 per bundle from various sellers. There are 3 bundles per 100 square feet, also known as a “square” in the trade. This is an easy shingle for DIY roof replacement, and local contractors will also find them easy to work with.

Overall GAF Marquis WeatherMax Shingle Rating

While not a top of the line shingle, it is very affordable. It’s popular with homeowners who want to reduce the cost of a new roof as well as those who might be moving in the next 10 years and won’t get the value out of a costlier shingle. For very solid durability backed by a good warranty, the GAF Marquis WeatherMax asphalt shingle is a trustworthy product from a leading manufacturer.

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