Atlas Pinnacle Shingle Review

The Atlas Pinnacle shingle is durable, attractive and features Scotchgard coating to protect against algae and dirt. The shingle is also known as the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingle and is available in 13 colors and is backed by a lifetime limited warranty.

This Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingle review lets you evaluate this shingle for use in your home. For comparison, browse our shingle reviews for products with a similar price—under $100 per roofing square. You can find shingle prices and reviews for these products: IKO Cambridge, GAF Timberline HD, Timberline American Harvest, Tamko Heritage, Menards Castlebrook and Malarkey NorthwestXL (also with Scotchgard) shingles.

Basic Construction of the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingle

This is a laminated asphalt shingle built from 2 layers of strong mesh fiberglass encased in quality roofing asphalt and covered with ceramic-coated granules that provide UV reflection.

The shingle is a standard size: 38 1/4″x13 1/8” with exposure of 5 5/8”. There are 66 shingles per roofing square.

Pros and Cons of the Atlas Pinnacle Laminated Shingle

This is an affordable laminated shingle but doesn’t have the durability of more expensive products. Therefore, it is popular with homeowners more concerned about making their home look good with decent weather protection for 10-15 years. These shingles will last 15-20 years in most climates, and possibly 25 years depending on conditions where you live.

The warranty package is quite good. The lifetime warranty covers defects and provides 100% coverage for 15 years. The wind warranty protects against winds up to 110 MPH with standard installation or 130 MPH with enhanced installation. The shingles are coated with Scotchgard protector and has a lifetime warranty against algae growth.

These are a more affordable shingle too. The Atlas Pinnacle shingle price is $90-$100 per square.

If you want a more durable shingle, consider the Atlas StormMaster standard shingles or shake shingles, or high-quality laminated shingles from CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning.

Who Should Consider the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine Shingle?

If you want to spend less and still have a weather-tight, attractive roof, the Atlas Pinnacle Pristine shingle is a good choice. It comes in 13 different colors, so there are more options than you get with most laminate shingles.

For an affordable shingle that will look its best for 12-15 years as opposed to 15-20 years with costlier shingles, the Atlas Pinnacle shingle is a very solid choice.

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