IKO Cambridge AR Asphalt Shingle Review

The IKO Cambridge AR is one of the most affordable architectural shingles available, but with the low price comes concerns with its quality. The shingle has an oversize cut to emphasize the shake-like appearance and allow a larger exposed section. The IKO Cambridge AR comes in a variety of attractive colors, so there’s one to blend well with most homes.

This IKO Cambridge AR asphalt shingle review gives details you can use to make an informed decision about this shingle. Browse our growing list of asphalt shingle reviews and you’ll find quite a few similar products to compare with this one. For the top-rated shingles in the industry, see Owens Corning, GAF and Certainteed.

Basic Construction of the IKO Cambridge AR Shingle

Like most shingles, this one begins with a fiberglass mat infused with weather-grade asphalt. An adhesive strip is applied to the underside and a layer of ceramic-coated minerals is applied to the top. The ceramic granules are formulated to be algae-resistant (AR).

The dimensions of this shingle are 13 3/4”H x 40 7/8”L with an exposure of 5 7/8”. There are 20 shingles per bundle, with 3 bundles making one square (100 square feet of roofing).

Pros and Cons of the IKO Cambridge AR Asphalt Shingles

Here’s a look at how this product compares with the competition.

Pros: These are some of IKO’s most popular products. They are attractive shingles produced in a wide range of colors. These include the Energy Star rated Super White along with Aged Redwood, Charcoal Gray, Driftwood, Dual Black, Dual Brown, Harvard Slate, National Blue, Vintage Green and Weatherwood.

The warranty package on the IKO Cambridge AR is quite good. The general warranty is a lifetime limited materials warranty that covers material defects. This includes 15-year upfront, 100% material coverage before the warranty is prorated. Most shingles in this class have 10-year upfront coverage. The Wind Resistance warranty covers winds up to 110 MPH.

The IKO Cambridge AR asphalt shingle price is $24-$27 per bundle, or $72-$81 per square, a very low price for architectural shingles.

Cons: The majority of homeowner reviews on these shingles report that they do not last as long as expected. Keep in mind that 10 times as many unsatisfied consumers write roofing reviews as satisfied consumers, but IKO still has a much-higher than average rate of unhappy customers.

The major concerns are that the granules come off quickly, the shingles crack early and they are not wind-resistant. Consumers also complain about the shingles cupping, but that is so often the case of a poorly-ventilated attic that cupping might not be IKO’s problem in most cases.

Who Should Consider the IKO Cambridge AR Shingle?

Some consumers have good results with IKO, especially in the first 10 years. Since they are an affordable architectural shingle, they might be a good choice if you don’t need a long-term roofing solution. Be sure to find a qualified contractor to install them. Getting at least 3 written estimates will help you locate a roofer with the expertise to do the job right – always a large part of a successful installation.

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  1. Maj M.A. Grigel
    Posted October 12, 2013 at 12:53 am | Permalink

    I installed 30 square of AR on a New England home with new white facia and soffit. Immediately there was severe staining that was not water soluble. The company insisted it was environmental and called Tobacco Juiceing. Upon formal complaint they admit asphalt the culprit however fail to budge. There answer put up gutters to hide the stain. So my contractor did four others with Owens Corning no stains. Mine and three others with IKO black as coal’ A very inferior product with defects. Shame on you

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