Owens Corning Supreme 3-Tab Shingle Review

The Owens Corning Supreme is an affordable 3-tab product made in 12 colors. One of OC’s most popular shingles, it comes with a good warranty backed by solid quality.

This Owens Corning Supreme 3-Tab shingle review gives you information you can use to evaluate these shingles for your project, whether you’re planning a DIY roof replacement or intend to hire a roofer. For comparison, see asphalt shingle reviews of similar products like the Certainteed Certainteed XT 25 or the IKO Cambridge AR.

Basic Construction of the Owens Corning Supreme 3-Tab Shingle

This is a standard 3-tab, or strip, shingle with a fiberglass mat core and high-grade asphalt coating. Ceramic-coated mineral granules are applied to the asphalt to produce greater weather-resistance and supply the unique color of the shingle.

The dimensions are 12”H x 36” long with an exposure of 5”. There are 26 shingles per bundle and 3 bundles per 100 sq. ft., also called a square.

Pros and Cons Owens Corning Supreme 3-Tab Shingle

Here’s what you can expect from this shingle according to our research and the input of hundreds of consumer reviews.

Pros: This shingle offers good value. It’s a quality shingle for a good price. The Owens Corning Supreme 3-Tab shingle cost of $75-$80 per square is very competitive.

The 25-year warranty against defects is pretty standard for a 3-tab, though 30-year 3-tab shingles are available. See our reviews of the Owens Corning Classic or Certainteed XT 30 for 2 of the highest-rated on the market.

A 10-year algae-resistance warranty is included.

One of the top-rated 25-year shingles, the Supreme 3-tab is offered in 12 attractive colors ranging from black to blues to greens to browns to white. These include Aspen Gray, Autumn Brown, Bark Brown, Chateau Green, Desert Tan, Teak, Estate Gray and Shasta White. The Shasta White shingle is Energy Star rated because the color reflects rather than absorbs sunlight.

Cons: The wind resistance of these shingles is rated for just 60 MPH. While that’s typical for 3-tab products, these might not be a good choice if high winds are common where you live. The non-prorated portion of the 25-year warranty is just 5 years. Some comparable shingles offer 10-year upfront 100% coverage.

That’s it for the downside. Owens Corning is consistently a top-3 shingle in terms of customer satisfaction.

Who Should Consider Owens Corning Supreme 3-Tab Shingle

If you like the look or the price of a traditional 3-tab shingle, but want to save on costs, this might be your best choice. The Owens Corning Supreme 3-Tab asphalt shingle is the brand’s most affordable shingle, and it has one of the best durability ratings of any 3-tab product available.

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